Sunday, August 8, 2010

Foals - Total Life Forever (repost of a repost)

Forget the horror here
Foals second album, total life forever, is fucking gorgeous. They have an obsession with the sea, and something probably broke yannis' heart or something, I don't really know, but this whole album is very melancholy, sad, and sort of broken. Beautiful, 10/10 album, very calming, and with wonderful british accents and sad, softly sung beautifully high falsettos. Moving tracks, full of emotion, wonder, and all sorts of things like sorrow and ice. If you want an adventure (a sad one, but with high parts) then get this. It's like mathrock (Antidotes) meets Post-rock (if I had to pick a postrock band for antidotes to have met, dated, fallen in love, and had a baby with, it'd probably be The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place, or maybe Far From Refuge). Soft and lovely, with all sorts of pretty sounds that will make you shiver in all the right ways. It's like sitting on the beach when it's fucking freezing and the wind's running through your hair and maybe you get dumped or something. Or you're just having a really bad day. Or you're sitting on said beach remembering your ex or somebody important who is just gone, maybe dead? maybe just gone. It's an album to be sad to. But in a good way. It's healthy for you. Fuck, you might even dance to parts of blue blood.

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  1. I fucking loved this album.
    Actually, that's a filthy lie: I fucking hated this album... at first. I was disappointed that it was so unlike Antidotes. I disliked the funky, twanging turn it took with the guitars, and I disliked the move away from math rock.
    But having listened to it a few more time, I feel deeply tricked. It's as if they hid an unbearably perfect album under all that disappointment. It's truly beautiful and truly different - not just from Antidotes, but from anything else I've ever come across.