Monday, August 9, 2010

The South Park Movie Soundtrack

you are not above this

Don't think too much about it. We all know every single word. I've been kinda busy lately with work and being out of town and trying to deal with everyone hating me, and I guess this kinda helps. I find that I'm returning to cartoons again after a long period of thinking I was too old for them or something. Which is stupid. I lost all my friends, I started watching the Simpsons again. I started working, lost everyone close to me, I started watching South Park again. I did this same thing in 8th grade. It's like I had my friends all along, they were just on at 10 on Comedy Central. It makes me feel like I have people I know and care about without actually... I don't know. I have to go to work now.


  1. Fuck dude, the other day I caught myself singing "Up There" (or whatever Satan's song's called) in the shower. Pretty gay, I know.

  2. Up There is like the best song. And gets stuck in your head too. So it's pretty fuckin' sweet.

  3. I have a confession, I've never seen an episode of south park.