Friday, August 6, 2010

By Surprise/Hightide Hotel - Split

And I'm just not convinced that this is just coincidence

Hightide Hotel and By Surprise, my two favorite new wave of emo bands, did a split together. This split created my favorite song in the world. This song I know all the words to, I can sing along, I can tap to the beat, I can sing the whole thing on my own and get it right and get the beat and timing right down to the very milisecond. That's how much I love this song. It's called Shuttle. It's the 4th track. By Surprise has some good heartfelt songs too. So does Hightide Hotel, they even have a track called Elementary Biology that I am going to get a line or two from tattooed onto me, it's obviously a very good song. But shuttle makes this split the best thing I've ever heard. You should like it. You'll wanna learn it for that new girl you like who you really wanna get with so you play it on a cheap guitar at a bonfire surrounded by really shitty beer but really awesome people. Hightide Hotel sounds like a rawer Snowing. A bit rougher around the edges. By Surprise sounds like beards.
PS By surprise has a song called CB radio and that song is my JAM.

by surprise 31,427 plays (2,928 listeners)
hightide hotel 76,634 plays (4,613 listeners)


  1. Thanks for reading/listening. For people that want to purchase the split (there's still some hand assembled copies left) - it only costs $5.

    ~rob | by surprise

  2. Oh my god I'm starstruck rob posted on my blog!

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