Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Love Like Pi - The Atlas And The Oyster

Oh, this is my body, I can give to you.

ALLP is the catchiest thing you will hear this month. Energy filled, packed with electronic boops and beeps, smushed with dance-y layers of delicious synth bits, and the catchiest, most power-packed vocals to ever happen to "indietronica" (as much as I fucking hate that word). From lyrics about little girls (Oh you're so young, oh you're so young, oh lolita oh lolita) to sympthonic bodies (my body isn't quite a symphony, but if you would put your ears close to me...) to cheating (caught you cleaning up your lovers mess) this album is a fucking trip and a half. You will dance, you will get caught up, you will sing every chorus, and you will do it with wild abandon. I recommend this for jamming out, a+ album, top 10 favorite of mine, and if you don't like it, you have no soul. The 4k listeners on lastfm (but 145k plays) shouldn't exactly hurt your indie cred either.
ps I can steal the upload from Sky because I showed this band to him - hello sky~

145,234 plays (4,472 listeners)

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