Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gregor Samsa - Rest

This is a long-time favorite of mine. It's full of gorgeous melodies, beautiful vocals, and dreamy, dreamy layers of sound.

Just fucking get this

Gregor Samsa's not a new new band. Formed in 2000, they know what they're doing. They've stayed a well kept secret (for the three bands named gregor samsa on, there's 100k listeners - not much, if you divide that by 3, it's roughly 33k) in the world of music. And for good reason - too much of them, and you're in love and can never listen to anything else again. Not that you'd want to, because none of your hipster friends have ever heard anything like this. Post rock crescendos, beautiful female and male vocals, calm songs that suddenly plunge into what feels like a gorgeous, gorgeous nightmare (First Mile, Last Mile) and then suddenly you're back in a beautiful dreamland filled with softness and pillows and reverb and a really pretty lady. It's like... one of those dreams you have after tripping balls and partying really fucking hard - it's weird, it's beautiful, and you want more of it. It's like somebody took you to another planet with lower gravity than our little Earth, and let you drift in space. You're staring at all the stars, right? Realizing how fucking small and insignificant you are, despite the trust funds, fancily cut hair (which you didn't do but will pretend you did to the end of the earth) and suddenly - none of it matters. None of it. Not the parties, not the coke, not the polaroid pictures you took, not the starbucks barista who's really cute... don't even think about it. You're wrapped in a blanket of sound and beautiful piano melodies are rushing over you and you feel okay, despite knowing in your soul you're really not that okay... but it's a content "I'm not okay." You're happy with being not okay, with being little, with being a small human. We're all okay. Take this album, this present, go lie down in a field or in your bed or near the ocean or in the woods or near whatever is nearest and isolated and vast, and play this album. I promise you, it's the best experience you can have.

a sneak peek at your present

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