Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Every Day and Every Night EP by Bright Eyes (and comics about ethan being sad)

There are a few records out there that are made of concentrated sadness. There is "I See a Darkness" by the legend Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, there is "Alopecia" by the indie-rock/hip-hop group Why?, there's obviously "Nebraska" by the Boss, and then there's this. This is Bright Eyes before he had all the funding and support and notability. This is Bright Eyes at a point where Bright Eyes didn't matter, and it shows. This record shines through with dissonant country, ominous ballads, and a closer that feels like the musical equivalent of throwing up alcohol. Conor's wavering voice guides you through a journey into 21 minutes of his diary. Musings on every lost love, and every urge to cry, and every day wasted on a three minute poem that's gonna mean something to someone. If I had to choose between a very good sandwich and this EP, I would choose the EP. That's a major selling point.

(in case you were wondering if there's a comic for this album, here)

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