Tuesday, May 25, 2010

phantogram - eyelid movies

Oh, baby, you're still alive when you could have died. Guys, it's 5:20am, I'm not really sure why I'm awake, I'm sleep-delirious, sick, and really just want to share this album.
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They have insanely catchy lyrics, and sound like if metric and sleigh bells had a baby and everyone told the kid when it got older it looked and sounded just like it's mom (metric) and it probably hates the comparison because it's much prettier and all, but I say sleigh bells (don't get turned off by that, there's no screaming or jarring anything, this is very calming in general) because she sounds good when she sings high - the voices sound real similar when the sleigh bells chick ain't screaming her head off being punk rawk. But then that baby had a baby with the xx. Phantogram is that baby, not the one that I don't know if it exists but I want to hear it. Anyway, this album is chill, trip-hoppy, and has some insanely interesting beats in it. You have to listen closely (which I doubt you'll do if you're just in this for the under 25K listeners on last.fm) but you'll hear beautiful things going on in this. The tracks where the dude sings are grittier, realer, and much more honest, and I'm sure you'll love it. There's two different sounds on this album, but they're cohesive, and it absolutely works. It's very sexy, very, very sexy. If you want to bed that chick you met in starbucks - this album and the xx are the two to do it to (if you last that long.)

crap i forgot a preview here it is

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