Sunday, May 23, 2010

"A New White" by Subtle

There's this kid in my choir, his name is Eric. I think his favorite genres are techno and nu-metal. He'll constantly sneak away to stick his headphones into the computer and listen to the techno viking or whatever. (I had to google it to even know what he was on about, turns out it's terrible.) He'll be back there pumpin' up the bass and listenin' to the chugga chugga choo choo for an hour and a half, lost in his own little world. He once asked me what my favorite band was, and I replied "Henry Bemis is a Superhero". He gave me a weird look and asked, "What genre do they play?" Fumbling around my own mistake of a conversation, I said, "Uhm... I don't really know. Folky screamo?" His next question will remain with me to the ends of the Earth.

"Are they heavy?"

I then realized that he is everything I hate about music. The insincerity, the mass-marketed media, the unbelievably expensive concerts and albums for a band that hates you and a show that is just loud and nothing else. Eric is an idiot. (And I showed him Burzum once and he thought it was great.)

In complete retaliation to the points I just made, there is this album. "A New White" by Subtle is a post-hip-hop glitch nasalcore dream. It's a concept album of a future destroyed by humans, while we learn to live in the waste we created. It's beautiful, it's ambient, it's unknown as hell. Doseone is up in this bitch, spittin' some mean ass rhymes. The production is something we all love anticon for. The songs are made of honey and razors. Do you want to die saying you've never put honey and razors into your ears?

Is it heavy?

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