Saturday, May 22, 2010

La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair

This is pretty much my favorite album of all time. The lyrics are just deep enough for you to feel pretentious, after all, the lyricist does have a degree in poetry from some prestigious college that I can't remember, but it's somewhere you could only go to if you drained your entire trust fund, and way laid off the coke.

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La Dispute is a beautiful, beautiful band. They sound sort of like mewithoutYou, but they're way more emotional in the lyrics, and they put themselves entirely into their music. It's not quite starbucks approved, because it might be a little too violent in places, but there's other parts that are calm, the calm before the storm. They're basically like you - they could have been 'scene' at one point, but now they're much too 'deep' for that... if you were into 'hardcore' or 'emo' (and not the real kind, either) at any point in time (including now, secretly, when you're home alone and you put on that Emmure record or that fucking local hardcore band's cd), you will adore this. If you're one of those faggots all about the lyrics - you'll adore this. They are a fantastic band, and if you don't have this, you aren't worth a single little penny of your trust fund.
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  1. I would say that them and mewithoutYou are on the same level when it comes to their emotional expression, but both bands talk about different subjects, and are relateble to different people. Great band though, everyone get this album.