Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Converge - No Heroes

This album saved my life on more than one occasion. Since I probably won't find time between now and Saturday to post this (I am overwhelmed tomorrow, and then Friday, MAY FUCKING 28TH, I GET TO GO STARE AT MOTHERFUCKING JACOB BANNON TILL 1AM) Also, I am supposed to give Kurt Ballou a blowjob. I am not sure how this will work, but I will find a god damn way.
get this get this
Converge is fucking fantastic. The vocals are pure anger, pure hate, pure in your face viciousness. Rock the fuck out to this, I know I do. Apparently it's okay for hipsters to like this, i will report back on Saturday bruised, sweaty, elated, and report the number of hipsters I punch in the fucking face. Expect it to be like fifty. Also, a nod to all you hardcore fans out there - Aaron Dalbec, former guitarist, and Damon Bellorado, former drummer, created a side project in 1995 called "Gateway", later renamed Bane. Thanks Wikipedia, for the endless moments of 'fuck yeah' you create. MOTHERFUCKING BANE HAS IT'S ROOTS IN CONVERGE. If you don't like converge, get the fuck out, get the FUCK away from me, and don't even pretend you're worth anything ever. Back to converge though - No Heroes is a really, really awesome album. Before jane doe, before there was a doubt in anyone's mind that Converge was fucking awesome. They are probably older than your favorite band - they have been fucking shit up since the early 90s. Also, they have not put out an album I have not loved. Enjoy the sweet riffs, and the insane jealousy when you realize who I am seeing with them. (05/28: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade w/ Harvey Milk, Gaza, MOTHER FUCKING Lewd Acts, Black Breath)!!!!

please marry me

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