Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin - Hapless

What a beautiful record this is. It calms you down, it's folky, and it's beautiful. Perfect for calming the shit down.
get this!

Hapless starts all lovely and slow, and the opening song, The Branch, sets the tone. The second track, I Do Not Love You Anymore is bitter, open, and slightly rude. It's about a girl who dresses likes a whore, and clearly Morgan Caris (the guy who uses this moniker) likes classy women. It has soft, soft melodies, beautifully ambient guitars, and honest lyrics. This is an album that is honest, bare-bones folky-ness. It's approved for starbucks - and honestly, I think they should play it. It's also an album for early mornings, when you're laying covered up in blankets and it's cold out and you're barely awake and you left your tea on your bedside table and it's kind of cold too and you don't really want to open your eyes so you're just gonna stay right here half awake and listen to this. It has a surprisingly high number of listeners on (75K) but you know what? I bet you're going to be the only one of your friends who has Actually heard this. (And the only one who is deep enough to appreciate it)

Also sorry it's been a rough couple of days - thursday was hectic, friday i was in ATL, and i know it's late-ish on saturday but FUCK i'm so tired and sore. Jacob Bannon, thank you. <3

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