Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yo Dog, Check These Fresh Remixes!

So we all know bad rap and artists try to suck all the juice out of one song of theirs by creating remixes. I was never a fan of these. They seemed to be just musical versions of the beating a dead horse analogy. That being said, I have always hated remixes. It just feels to me that an artists who remixes an old song has run out of ideas, and are just too lazy to come up with anything new.
Well, in a weird twist of events, I LOVE REMIXES NOW YO!

...and not a rap or hip-hop one. This "remix" is metal.
No, none of that metalcore shit that Tori listens too, (JK I LOVE YOU DON'T BE MAD!)(EDIT: joe you you listen to more of it than I do I will fucking punch you)
Progressive metal to be exact. There is a one of a kind band out there called Cynic. They have released 2 full length albums, and and a few early EP's, but the thing I am gonna focus on is and EP of their called "Re-Traced." Re-Traced is more than a remix of some of their songs, but more of a reimagening. To understand Re-Traced, you gotta first listen to Traced in Air.

Below are the links to both.
Traced In Air

Re-Traced is the singer Paul Misvidal's yearning to make his music evolve, and never stay in one place. They took many of the great songs off of Traced in Air, and instead of doing straight prog metal, they reworked it into something more of the epic prog rock and jazz fusion bands of the 60's and 70's. It is the most unique album I have heard in a long time and I advise you all get it right now.

Just get this, you will enjoy it. I advise you listen to Traced in Air first, but if you are not a fan of metal, just listen to the EP, cause you won't regret it.


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