Friday, July 2, 2010

letlive - fake history

Oh god this album is goooooooooood. I haven't gone to bed yet (sleep is a joke, I can sleep when I die) and it's giving me enough energy to bounce around and nod along. You want catchy? You got it.

If we are the faithful living, then we are the grateful dead.

Best post-hardcore release of 2010, I'm calling it right now. Full of riffs, angry chords, lots of yelling, and then catchy group yells, it's going to get stuck in your head, and put in constant rotation in your car. It's like Glassjaw had a baby with... Four Year Strong. Yeah. But it's much better than that. The vocals are higher pitched, there's no low yelling in this (thank GOD), but it's high-energy, catchy, and probably my favorite post-hardcore record of the year. You're going to get MAD HARDCORE cred for this, (1.5k listeners on and you will fall in love. A bit political, but that's what makes it so damn good. The singing sort of reminds me of early A Skylit Drive in places, but it's more melodic, a bit more experimental (is that some funk influence I hear on Muther? I THINK IT IS) Oh, and lower pitched. The main difference is that this is full of soul, compared to dead singing. The lyrics are better, make more sense, and really, really just seem to be perfect. Don't let that comparison turn you off, this album is better than I'm making it sound.

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