Thursday, July 1, 2010

Motion City Sountrack - Commit This To Memory

Oh, this album.

Is it legal to do this? I surely don't know.

This album is fantastic. I don't care it's pop punk. It's got all the pure teenage angst an album could ever offer (I'm looking at you, LGFUAD) and lovely adolescent synths. Upbeat and poppy, yet so hopelessly fucking depressing in places. The lyrics can be cynical, regretful (Make Out Kids), kind of silly and anxious (Everything is Alright) and even a bit depressing (Feel Like Rain). It's one of those albums you can listen to and be upset and happy and feel a bit anxious at the same time. You can sing along and know every word and spend all summer blaring it out of your car and just fucking yelling along. It's so teenage, so true, and just a perfect summer soundtrack. And if you're a proper human being, you'll get this not only because of what I just said, but also the sick nostalgia that comes along with it. You know you loved this album. And if you didn't, now's your chance.

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  1. So many implications, ugh, I must refrain.