Sunday, July 4, 2010

Julie Doiron - Heart & Crime

When you're in the mood for something soft, something true, and something with a hint of sweet sadness, I've got a treat for you. (And yes, that is the cover art)

Maybe I love you too much...

Full of pianos, soft and unobtrusive female vocals, and lovely strummed guitars, and the occasional harmonica (and horn!) this album is a treat for relaxing. Throw it on in the tub, when you're letting yourself be calm in the water. Throw it on when you can't sleep because you're trying to fix your sleep schedule, but you're too wound up, and need something to calm down to. Throw it on when you wake up in the morning, wake up real slow. She's got a beautiful voice, and I'm not one for female vocals. It's like morphine candy, in the form of an album. You'll relax and feel real good. It's like a female city and color, but with much more slowcore influence. So maybe it's a female bon iver, that might be a better comparison to make. She sings about loving you maybe too much, about things she's done, and about her life, about broken hearts. It's simple, honest, lyrically one of the most beautiful albums I might have in my collection. She has a lovely way of singing anything, and calming it down, making it something real, something lovely.

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