Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Was A Cub Scout - I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope

Well, once again, it's fucking early, I'm awake, I'm not sure why, and I have an album I had to fucking post.

Oh, oh, oh, am I in trouble?

Apparently they really were cub scouts, who knew? Also this album name is way too fucking long to type so I'm not going to, but it's a fantastic album. It's poppy, full of electronics, it's got some nice jam bits, songs you will find yourself singing along to, and above all else, it's really, REALLY catchy. It's not exactly the brightest with some of the lyrics, but it's got some feeling. It's sweet synthrock, but with a little bit of a voice you'd rather find in something like this town needs guns. I can't quite place why, but the vocals are a bit out of place, but in a really, really, really good way. You can tell that they put their heart into this, and it's really, really nicely produced. Pink Squares will have you dancing, Save Your Wishes will have you rocking, and you'll find that this album will fit right on in to your summer.

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