Monday, July 19, 2010

Cold War Kids - Robbers & Cowards

It's so nice out today (or at least it looks it, I'm not stepping foot out into the summer) and I've woken up really early (this is usually bedtime) and I'm in a wonderful mood so I will share this with you and here you go you're welcome

She's laughin' like a choir giiiiirl

Funky, full of pianos, fun beats, whiny but delicious vocals. It's a nice album for just chilling out, for driving around, for singing along with friends, and just basically hangin' out. It's funky, apparently sounds like it could be Maroon 5 (I personally don't see it). Their music is heavily inspired by artists such as Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground and Johnny Segment (Says but I don't really see the Bob, not much at least. Don't expect folk from this album. This is also another one you can sort of judge by the art - it sounds like that. It really does. They havev a sound that almost doesn't fit into this age, for some reason. It's too funky and... it just reminds me of the 60's for some reason. It's got nice lyrics, nicer instruments, and nice vocals. This album is just nice. It's not calm, but it's not the most upbeat thing. I can't figure it out, but I like it. You should too.

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