Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Appleseed Cast - Two Conversations

I've got another present for the lovely people who read this blog.

I'm amazed at how alive you are.

This album is beautiful, slow, gentle, heartfelt, honest, and above all else, emotional. Innocent Vigilant Ordinary may have some bad memories attached to it, but it's still my favorite song off this album. The whole album is full of lovely emotions, and there's no better way to listen to it than to lay somewhere, close your eyes, and feel it. I want you to perhaps lay in bed, and just think about your life. This album is the perfect album for reflection, the lyrics are so open and honest, and... kind. The whole album has a gentleness to it, and I've never been good with words, but this album just completely makes up for what it lacks (appleseed cast was at one point a post-rock band, this is an indie rock album) with feeling. It's an emotional roller coaster, a soft, sweet one, and soon enough you'll be screaming out the words to somebody you will always love, and will always be your friend. You'll remember the nights you drank the sun, killed the night, fought the sleep, and won. You'll remember mistakes you've made. You'll remember falling in love, slowly but surely. You'll feel the hopefulness, the regret, the happiness, the love. I want you to feel the songs in the deepness of your bones, heart, and brain.

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