Monday, June 28, 2010

Margot & The Nuclear So Sos - Dust Of Retreat

Alright, so I just got home from the hospital, I've been convulsing for nearly 16 hours, I'm exhausted, and I just want to rest. I can't though, 'cause I'm convulsing so hard.

everyone and their mother will wanna get this.

And this album is perfect for that. It's got that radio-rock feel, but it's softer in some parts. It's rocky, perfect, and calming. The guy singing (I'm too lazy and tired to look up his name) has lovely vocals. The lyrics are nice, and overall, the band reminds me a bit of the Dangerous Summer... except there's the occasional funky jazz beat, and unconventional instrument... Like hey, that's a piano, oh wait that's a fucking saxophone. It's like the dangerous summer had a baby with Forgive Durden, and that baby has a fairy grandmother named Dear and The Headlights. calls them orchestral pop, and I guess I can kind of see that. It's calming and funky, and I recommend it.


  1. I am not convulsing, so should I not listen to this album?