Sunday, May 2, 2010

oh god not another one

so a long time ago in a galaxy far away (not to be too star wars-y, how kitsch can I get?) I was born. It was a big spectacle (there was a parade and some other awesome shit, but mostly a lot of cocaine) but not much really happened after that worth mentioning - until I gave birth to the most ironic blog ever (this)

it's not new, but it's ironic because i hate all music (all of it) and i hope you do too. in here will just be stuff i hate the least - and you will hate it less than all your other music that is pitchfork approved that you play in starbucks looking trendy with your non-prescription glasses (it's okay, i own a pair too) while wearing a scarf (it's fucking 90 degrees out you asshole)


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