Saturday, May 15, 2010

Justin Vernon - Self Record

I'm going to go back to what I was doing now. Excuse the Circa Survive and Snowing posts, I can be a little emotional.

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Many of you may already know of Justin Vernon - the guy who uses the moniker Bon Iver. This is the more lo-fi, more heartfelt, more truthful folky side of him. He self released these songs, and to be honest, it's a beautiful record. Very similar to Bon Iver, but the guitarwork is a little different. He sings longer, rawer songs, and the outcome is a gorgeous album that you can play with all your hipster friends in starbucks as you discuss existentialism and how drunk you got that one night with that one girl from that one band who nobody else knows (because you pretty much made the story up.) He's a little more experimentally focused here, just pouring all his feelings into writing and singing and creating, which is more than you'll ever do. The vocals sound a little rougher, a little lower pitched, and slightly more folky. Listen to this, because you probably don't have it.

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