Thursday, May 6, 2010

Greenland Is Melting - Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue

I'll be gone all weekend, so I have to do something nice I guess. (BUT NOT BECAUSE I LIKE IT, BUT BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.) I have a conscious, unlike you assholes. Also, I'm aware when I smell bad. (Smell yourself for once, dude. Actually smell yourself.) Get somebody to smell your beard - trust me, it stinks.


Greenland Is Melting is a twangy folk band out of Gainesville, which automatically makes them hipster and DIY as fuck. They have a whopping 966 listeners on, oh my god talk about a +10 hipster cred. You can show these songs to your friends, too. They're so amazingly folky, it's not surprising to listen and automatically (rightly) assume that they're really pretty much the best ever. They have a banjo (for hipster authenticity) and an acoustic guitar, and a bass drum (but no drummer.) These are songs to get drunk as fuck to, and stumble around a bonfire smoking a lucky and drinking a cheap ass 40 (while taking ironic drunkpix of you and some cutie with a septum ring and 00 gauges). You'll end up mumbling them, or screaming them out with all your windows down when you're driving to Athens to catch the newest hipster folk band. More heartfelt than any band I've ever heard - the vocals are pretty much the most legit thing you can ever fucking hear. The lyrics are genius, and yet so simple, you should be able to wrap your tiny head around them. You'll learn this album pretty god damn quick, and trust me, it'll be on constant rotation. Even city slickers will love this shit, so feel free to play it low in Starbucks when you're nursin' a caramel macchiato (to get rid of the hangover from last night) and also nursin' your favorite Salinger, Dostoevsky, or Kerouac novel. You're going to love this shit, and if you don't at least find yourself humming 'No More Sorry Songs' (or better yet, trying to cover it with your cheap guitar) get the fuck out of this here blog right now.


  1. You wouldnt have shared these guys if i hadnt been listening to them, do i get a thank you?

  2. yes i would have, i have had them in a list as soon as i made a blog. don't front, i've liked them forever.