Monday, May 17, 2010

afternoon naps - parade

Jesus christ, this album is way more cutesy pop twee-y than anything you could ever imagine. Imagine if the pains of being pure at heart was actually good and then funkier and sweeter and nicer and oh dear god this whole album is just one giant cute face of d'aw and summer and sweetness. This better be the soundtrack to your summer.

get get it get

Lovely, sleepy, yet sometimes upbeat and fun to almost dance around your artfully decorated room indie pop out of... uhh.. somewhere in Ohio - and Ohio is famous for being awesome (not.) But, it doesn't matter. they've got roughly 6k listeners on, and are perfect for waking up and enjoying a coffee too while staring out over a warm summer skyline - but before it's too warm, so you can still wear your raggedy old cardigan full of holes and love (even though you bought it that way like last week for 50$) and look like you're deep in thought - really, you can just be enjoying this album. It's like if somebody took that perfect weather inbetween spring and summer and threw it in a blender with upbeat indie and then threw in a sprinking of female dreamy vocals and the a dude to make sure it didn't get too girly. It's like if the XX was happy instead of horny, and had some guitars. Hey, you can listen to this whenever - and not just when you're having sex on a couch. You can put this on a mixtape for a girl - she'll fall in love. I promise. This album will help you bed that cute indie girl who likes shoegaze and indie pop and all those things you ever dreamed of, but you just like post-rock and maybe some indie rock. I promise this will get you laid if you show the right songs to the right girls (and there is a right song for every type of girl.) And dudes? It's a-okay to enjoy this, it's so indie everyone will wow about your cred so much, the music won't even seem girly. (because it's really not.)

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