Saturday, September 4, 2010

Foals - Antidotes

Cassius, you're second best

This is Foal's first album, and it's a bit dancier in places - I use cassius as an alarm clock to wake the fuck up in the morning, but I can fall asleep to Olympic Airways some of the time. You'll want to dance and sing, it's a little soft, but a little bit dancier than Total Life Forever (which btw the fucking music industry reverted my TLF post back to a draft twice, coooool guys) but you'll know how to sing the words to this too. It's not so cold, a bit less polished, but just as perfect. Depending on the mood, I prefer this to TLF.
Also, I have a stencil of this album, so if you live in Tallahassee and happen to see the man with the mouth on the cover spray painted (link to a shit picture, oh blackberry) somewhere, it was me.

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