Saturday, July 24, 2010

Versaemerge - Cities Built On Sand

Hold on, hold on. I know what you're thinking - versaemerge? Like that one band with the vocalist like the girl from paramore?
No. I fucking hate Sierra. I miss spencer and anthony and blake. These guys were my friends three years ago, and now the fame has gone to their head because they can put out a fueled by ramen endorsed album. Or whatever the fuck they're on.
Anyway. This isn't the time for me to be bitter.

A different suffix every page of us

This is good post-hardcore, straight out of '07, when post-hardcore was thriving and had fucking wonderful things going for it. MALE VOCALS ONLY (thank god, chicks don't BELONG IN THIS) and it's fucking fantastic. Sounds like if sparks the rescue had a baby with before their eyes - and if you know either of those bands, you really probably don't hate them and want this now. I bet you're drooling a little, this is seriously like a big deal omg before they had a cunt sing for them! Better lyrics, better music, no fake production bullshit. This EP only has like 50 scrobbles on, too.

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