Monday, July 12, 2010

matt & kim - grand

It's been a terrible, terrible week. Having this album on repeat has really been the only good part of my week (Besides not seeing otep and iwrestledabearonce - I left and saw Despicable Me instead, it's the best fucking movie ever, I hope everyone sees it at least once.)

we threw our shoes in the ocean!

Grand is Matt & Kim's second album. They are a funky, upbeat, dance-y duo out of Brooklyn, and this whole album reminds me of summer. You'll find yourself dancing along, nodding your head, and smiling a whole lot wider than you are used to. It's a semi-well known album, but you know what? It's fucking good. It's got some sick beats, a bit of a california whine (my friend compared the vocals to blink 182 - i personally don't see it, but still.) but you'll still absolutely adore this album.

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