Monday, June 14, 2010

Yup, I'm Back.

Okay people, I have been up to a whole lot of stuff lately (for instance, being covered in pudding and playing in my friend's drone band), and I have not had time or motivation to update this thing. But, as the title says, I am back. I have some free time and I wanna be creative with it. So I am gonna start a series. A set of of albums that each represent and emotion or idea. Anger is gonna be the first. So sit back and get ready, cause I am gonna get pissed off and listen to the album that best represents my feelings of frustration. You wanna know what album that is? Well come back in like a day or two, and I will pour out my knowledge of what album I think best represents ever type of pent up angst and anger, from teenage rebellion, to telling to universe to go screw itself.

Thanks and Glad to Be Back,


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