Monday, June 21, 2010

volcano choir - unmap

Good morning, it's 448am. I still haven't slept. Personally, I want to cook and waltz around my kitchen, but that's just not hip now is it?

gosh it's so beautiful

I'm a big fan of Justin Vernon (Bon Iver, Mount Vernon, DeYarmond Edison) and this is the perfect late-night, haven't-slept, won't-sleep, can't-sleep album. Filled with slow, ethereal vocals that Justin's real, real good at, and slow beats, soft pianos, and then some other random instruments just thrown on in, this is like the winter version of a Sunn O))) album, if sunn o))) had a baby with, well, bon iver... It's good study music, you'll zone out, and it's good late night laying in bed and just thinking music. It's perfect music for really any sort of soft, toned down sort of situation. You can drink your green tea and stare out into the night to it, you can watch the stars in a hoodie and pajama pants (I am rocking the UT lounge pants so hard right now) to it, or you can wake up nice and slow to it... and hug your blankets, waiting for that sleep that isn't going to visit you for a very, long time. Turn the AC way down to 50, it's like an icy lake in the moonlight, and baby, it's cold in the middle of summer.


  1. Funny, cause I was up that late too! I would have waltzed with you!

  2. You make icy lakes in the moonlight sound like fun :|

  3. I guess it just depends on context. ._.