Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sleigh Bells - Treats

Holy shit, this is so fantastic. You may have already heard of them (get off of /mu/), but this is their debut lp.

get it, mediafire

Mixing indie female vox with abrasive guitars and some legit as shit beats, this comes close to defining new genres of music (read: dreamcrunk). It might be a little too annoyingly loud and poppy to play in Starbucks, but if you're driving around in your bright red or some other annoyingly bright colored piece of shit with the go green stickers on the back, and the windows all rolled down, this is your jam. It's sort of grimy hiphop/loud riffs/dreamy indie voice/some synths/some sick beats mixed on in. It's just hip-hoppy enough to work, but just indie enough that you won't lose any cred. it's a summertime favorite, party music, and shit, just get drunk and pretend to dance around to this, it's an experience every (true) hipster has already had - what are you waiting on?


  1. I approve of this. Me and my friend decided that this awesome music is the death of chillwave.

  2. No, witch house is the death of chillwave