Monday, May 10, 2010

oOoOO - No Summr4U

I'm back, in full swing, and I can't stop listening to witch house , so look forward to a lot of shit you've never heard of being posted.

And so, I present to you:


oOooO is fucking amazing. there's this new movement sort of starting called witch house, and it's got all sorts of okkvlt shit going on in it. think that awesome video in the ring (come on, you fucking saw it) only in music form, and shoegaze-y. It's aalllll about taking that shit you were comfortable with and making it ethereal, and deeper than you can handle. if you don't get it, well, it's still trippy shit, so next time you smoke off some pbr can (to be ironic lul) and afterwards, you're smokin' your blacks, well, throw this on, and watch you and all two of your ironic friends trip shit.

just get it, faggots.

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