Sunday, May 2, 2010

Idiot Pilot - Wolves

It must be your birthday, because I'm posting yet a third album today for your semi-enjoyment. You will like this album, if you don't, it's a case of too deep for you, and you should probably just kill yourself now, because you can't handle experimental genre crossovers.


Idiot Pilot's second album, Wolves, is full of strange experimenting. They're a post-hardcore duo, but they also throw in some weird beats, some fucking electronic bullshit that makes you feel just at home, 'cause it sounds like animal collective, and some crazy awesome buildups into some sweet-ass tunes that are in your face walls of noise and vocals that at times are reminiscent of Thom Yorke - and then suddenly, you're hearing screams that you could swear were from Fear Before's Odd How People Shake album, or hell, even The Blood Brother's Crimes at some points. While your brain is trying to process just where the hell those screams came from, the track switches, and you just hear some fantastic electronic noises, and you're starting to wonder if maybe you clicked on a different album while you were musically flailing to describe some of this. This album is sort of a roller-coaster of heavy and hard like the time you stretched your ears too fast, to soft and calm like you're listening to a slowcore album. Suddenly you're upside down and oh shit you forgot to fasten your safety harness oh god what is going on...shit, this is like the time you tripped while listening to some animal collective and you almost and then oh wait - you're righted again and everything is well. Hey, this is kind of calm, maybe some of this is okay. Don't let your friends know you're listening to this, or shit, they might disown you for listening to the shit that they "used to listen to" when they were "scene as fuck". (Ps: they still listen to it.)

Enjoy the coaster. Try not to fall out. You might hit the wall (of sexy ass noise)


  1. >Not put into its own folder within the compressed archive.

    Great god damn fucking job, dick cheeks.