Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Devil Makes Three - s/t

Since I'm not nearly as much of an asshole as I pretend to be, I'll give you another something to break you into good music - turn off the Strawberry Jam, and prepare to want to stop cutting your hair into an ironic mullet.


The Devil Makes Three's s/t is a whiskey-soaked delight of folk/americana music that only city slickers with no hearts won't like. It actually has heartfelt lyrics, true feeling put into the music, and isn't so random and cluttered with shit to take away from the fact that the people playing have no idea what they're doing. It's for listening in your room when nobody else is around and your scrobbling is turned off (unless you really 'like' and 'get' folk music, and in that case this will raise your hipsterdom +10 points). Or hell, if you want to show your friends (you have friends? haha) how awesome music without shitty pop instrumentals, weird time signatures, faggoty overplayed synth can be - show them this. It may truly be a case of too deep for you, if you're too used to overproduced, soulless, hard, cold, glittery "indie" music.

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