Monday, May 3, 2010

The Daysleepers - Drowned In A Sea Of Sound

God damn I'm feeling nice today. Really nice. So nice, I'll try to refrain from being snarky in this entire shit-ass post, and just post a fucking amazing gem of a band.

I present to thee:


That's right. The motherfucking Daysleepers. They're absolutely gorgeous.... way more gorgeous than that girl you saw drinking PBR last night with the green eyes and too tight neon pants with the weird plaid shirt that was totally indie. (I changed my mind about not being snarky.) Way more gorgeous than that barista at starbucks who took your order while you shook nervously and put your sweaty socially-awkward hands down your too-tight jeans and fumbled around so stupidly for change it wasn't even ironic how stupid you looked. Shiiit, man. They're this like, band, and like, pitchfork hasn't even heard of them. That's right, I put up with the hipster long enough to visit pitchfork and type in "The Daysleepers" in order to get this: "our search for The Daysleepers returned no results.

Please try changing your search terms or using Advanced Search.".

GOD DAMN! SO INDIE AND OBSCURE AND BEAUTIFUL. And you can play it in starbucks and not feel like a total tool (even though you should.) The album is small enough (10 tracks) that you can download it without worrying about saving space for your AnCo shit. You can even listen to this album alone while staring out over the Williamsburg skyline. It's that fucking awesome. Or you could listen to it when you bed a new lady (who doesn't eat and looks constantly strung out but that's because she's on cocaine and that makes her edgy and it kind of hurts when you fuck her because your hipbones rub against hers.) Whatever. Just get this shit. It's so pretty my small baby cat curled up on top of my freaking comfy as hell recliner and slept listening to it. No, seriously. And she doesn't do that for much - she likes soft music. My other cat likes hardcore. You'll find out, asshole, that my cats have better taste in music than you do. This is the baby kitty seal of approval, oh yes.

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  1. their EPs are slightly better - but this is still an excellent CD.